1 Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies Hiroshima University, Department of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies, IDEC Japan

A Job Opportunity in Hiroshima University, Japan
Department of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies,
Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation(IDEC)

Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation(IDEC)links
the Sustainable Development Goals and the spirit of founding of Hiroshima University
pursues the research and education with problem based learning system and integration
of arts and sciences, and intends to be on the top level of its kind in the world. As such,
Department of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies, IDEC, with
international perspectives, conducts research and education on developing countries,
focusing on Asia and Africa, from the aspects of Regional Studies to realize sustainability
of local society and development, through the understanding of social system and culture
of local society, focusing mainly but not necessarily limited to the issues of livelihood and
culture bases, poverty alleviation, food security, migration, environment and local
resource use, and ethnicity.

This Faculty Open Position Call is a search for and able person with experiences
on above mentioned Regional Studies and firsthand knowledge of local societies and
cultures through field work and empirical research that would lead to local and world

1. Affiliation (Appointment): Academy of Hiroshima University (Department of
Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies, IDEC)

2. Position and the number of opening: Associate Professor, one (1)

3. Commencing date of employment: As early as possible after March 1, 2018

4. Terms of employment: Tenured

5. Field of specialization: Interdisciplinary cultural and regional studies for education to
realize peace (Anthropology, Geography, History)

6. Teaching responsibilities:

 Undergraduate level (general education courses): Global Partnership Study (English),

 Undergraduate level (discipline specific courses): TBD (English), etc.

 Graduate level (master’s programs): Regional Studies of Developing Countries
(English), etc.

 Graduate level (doctoral programs): Seminar on Regional Studies of Developing
Countries (English), etc.

* In addition to the courses listed above, he or she may be asked to teach other general
education courses and/or discipline specific courses in other department(s) and graduate

7. Qualifications

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

(1) Hold a doctorate or an equivalent degree by the time the appointment begins

(2) Have enough performance in the specialization field to supervise doctoral students
in preparation of doctoral dissertations

(3) Be able to teach classes and supervise students in English (knowledge of Japanese
and local language of research field is desirable)

8. Application materials required:

(1) Resume (attach photo and if have, English Language Test Scores to prove the
English language proficiency)

If you have a history of being employed by Hiroshima University (as a TA, RA,
researcher, etc.) in the past five years, be sure to state all positions you have held.

(2) List of publications and oral presentations

i. Reviewed articles and SCI/SSCI journal papers with impact factors (Affix an
asterisk (*) to five major publications or presentations.)
ii. Papers presented at international conferences (identify “reviewed” or “not
iii. Other articles excluding the above i. and ii.
iv. Books
v. List of acquired external funding research projects (identify “principal” or “not
principal” researcher)
vi. Others such as review paper, expositor, patent, database, etc.

(3) Three major publications or presentations (reprints, photocopies, pdf files, or books)

(4) Outline of major research activities in about 1,000 words

(5) Statement of intent (describe your interests in teaching and research and
international cooperation in about 1,000 words should you take this position.)

9. Application deadline: All application materials must reach us by [5:00pm on Tuesday,
September 19, 2017 (Japan Standard Time)].

10. Please send all application documents to the following address:
Dean, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC),
Hiroshima University
1-5-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi Hiroshima, 739-8529, JAPAN

* Print in red “Application documents for faculty open position in the Department of
Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies, Graduate School of
International Development and Cooperation” on the envelope containing the
application documents and send it by registered mail.

11. Selection procedure

(1) Selection will be made based on all application documents submitted.

(2) Interviews will be conducted as needed. As a general rule, we will conduct
simulated lessons in English. In such cases, please note that travel expenses will be
the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants who pass the initial document review
will be informed of interview date, time and format.

(3) Hiroshima University promotes a gender-equal society in accordance with the
legislative intent of the Basic Law for a Gender-Equal Society.

12. Salary, etc.

(1) The monthly salary system or annual salary system will be applied to successful
candidates. (Regulations Concerning Salaries of Hiroshima University Faculty Members
will be applied.)

(2) Successful candidates may be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred for the trip
from their home or former place of work to the new place of work to assume their post in
accordance with the relevant regulations of Hiroshima University. For more information,
please contact us.

13. Evaluation

We conduct individual performance evaluations for all Hiroshima University faculty
members after their employment, numerically rate their performance, and salary and
benefits are commensurate with performance indicators.

14. Miscellaneous

(1) Personal information obtained from application documents will not be used or
provided to any third party for purposes other than the necessary procedures
related to personnel affairs, salary, and welfare. Application documents of
applicants whom we have decided not to employ will not be returned.

(2) All the faculty members of Hiroshima University belong to the "Academy", which is
the single university-wide faculty organization, and each faculty as a member of the
Academy of the University is appointed to educational and/or research
organizations such as an individual undergraduate school, graduate school,
research center and institute.

15. Contact
Professor, K. L. Maharjan
Chair, Department of Educational Development and Cultural and Regional Studies,
Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University
E-mail: mkeshav@hiroshima-u.ac.jp

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