At Least Three Positions as a Doctoral Student in Sociology Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology Sweden

At least three positions as a doctoral student in sociology

Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology

Lund University was founded in 1666 and is ranked recurrently as one of the world's 100 leading universities. There are 42,000 students and 7,400 employees in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our quest to understand, explain and improve our world and human condition.


The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of Sweden's leading knowledge centers for research and education in social sciences and behavioral science and operates in both Lund and Helsingborg.


The Sociological Department in Lund consists of three social sciences, pedagogy, sociology and social anthropology. Common to all three disciplines is that they all try to understand and explain how people organize themselves in social, cultural and historical contexts. The institution's research thus includes empirical studies of central contemporary problems, critical social analysis, and the development of social science theories and methods.

Work assignments The

degree program comprises 240 higher education credits (equivalent to four years full-time studies). The education ends with the doctoral student defending his doctoral dissertation at a public defense. He who is employed as a PhD student receives salary from the university for four years and is principally to devote himself to his own postgraduate education. Institution services of up to 20 per cent of full-time may occur, primarily in the form of education, whereby the employment is extended to an equivalent extent. Provisions for the appointment of a PhD student are contained in the Higher Education Ordinance 5 chapters 1 to 7.


The doctoral student should be present at the department and actively participate in the research and teaching environment. The working language of postgraduate education is mainly English. However, non-Swedish-language doctoral students are expected to acquire basic skills in Swedish during the employment period. The opportunity to take part in language teaching at Lund University is available. The appointment as a doctorate student will be held in 2018-09-01. Study plan and other information about postgraduate studies in sociology can be found at:



In order to be admitted to postgraduate education (HF Chapter 7, section 35), the applicant (1) has the basic qualifications and the special qualifications that the university may have prescribed, and (2) is otherwise deemed to have the capacity required to take advantage of postgraduate education (SFS 2010: 1064).


Basic eligibility for postgraduate education has one of the following:

1) advanced grade,
2) completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits,
3) or in any other way within or outside the country acquired mainly corresponding knowledge.

Special eligibility for admission to postgraduate studies in sociology has been obtained by a graduate of an advanced level in sociology or in some other way within or outside the country acquired essentially equivalent knowledge. The exam must contain independent work comprising at least 15 higher education credits at advanced level in sociology or equivalent.


Basis of assessment

As a holder of an appointment as a PhD student, only one who is admitted to a postgraduate degree may be assigned to the student. When admitting, the degree will mainly be attached to the degree of ability to apply for postgraduate education.


The ranking of applicants is based on an overall assessment of the quality of submitted research papers and submission of research plans, as well as personal appropriateness. Since research studies in sociology are very demanding, the applicant must be highly motivated and able to work independently during time pressure. Good cooperation and communication skills are also a requirement, as well as good knowledge of English in both speech and writing.


Interviews will be conducted by a limited selection of applicants in the final stages of the admissions process. Interviews may be supplemented with work samples.



Time-limited employment four years according to HF 5 chapter 7§.


Application procedure The

application is made electronically via Lund University's applicant portal. The application must contain:


  • an introductory letter in Swedish or English, comprising a maximum of 1,000 words, which contains a brief presentation of you as an applicant and your qualifications as well as a brief description of why you are interested in postgraduate studies at the Department of Sociology at Lund University;
  • a curriculum vitae in Swedish or English showing the qualifications for postgraduate studies in sociology;
  • diploma and grades in Swedish or English;
 essay or essay in Swedish or English equivalent to at least 30 higher education credits in sociology or subject assessed equally;
  • A brief research plan in Swedish or English. On the following page you will find instructions for such a template:
  • Name and contact details of two reference persons;

  • other documents that you as applicant wish to claim for current employment.


Lund University welcomes applicants with different backgrounds and experiences. We see equality and diversity as a strength and asset.

Welcome with your application!

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Type of employment Fixed-term employment longer than 6 months

Extent of employment Full-time

Access 2018-09-01

Salary Monthly Salary

Number of vacancies 3

employment rate 100 %

place Lund
County Skåne County
Land Sweden

References PA2017/4017

David Wästerfors, Director of Studies, Postgraduate Studies, +46 46 222 8203,

Union representative
OFR / ST: Trade Union ST Office, 046-222 93 62
SACO: Saco-s Council at Lund University, +46 (0) 22-222 93 64

Published 2017-12-08

Application deadline 2018-03-01

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