Associate Professor to the SDU Center on Population Dynamics (CPOP) University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences Denmark

Associate Professor to the SDU Center on Population Dynamics (CPOP)

A position as associate professor is vacant at University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Odense, attached to CPOP - The SDU Center on Population Dynamics. 

The background and interests of the successful candidate could be in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences or Humanities.


Research tasks

The selected candidate will work in an interdisciplinary research team and most of his/her research activity is expected to focus on interdisciplinary research to be published in interdisciplinary journals. Because much of this research will involve modeling and analyzing population dynamics and the application of statistical methods to large datasets, it would be desirable if candidates had co-authored interdisciplinary articles based on this kind of research, with emphasis on demographic and population related topics. 

The successful candidate will be evaluated based on the number of interdisciplinary publications and the quality of those submitted with his or her application, the innovativeness and excellence of interdisciplinary teaching, and contributions to building CPOP. CPOP includes researchers from the Faculties of Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Humanities, so research, teaching and institution-building should involve collaboration with researchers from at least two and ideally all four of these faculties.

Teaching tasks

The applicant will be expected to contribute to teaching within interdisciplinary courses developed between departments affiliated with one or more of the faculties contributing to CPOP and to the supervision of postgraduate demographers within the Kernel of CPOP. The successful candidates will have substantial teaching experience and must document pedagogical qualifications.

Expectations of qualifications

Candidates should hold a Ph.D., have experience as a postdoc, assistant professor or associate professor, and have published articles relevant to the study of population studies, especially population aging and survival dynamics, its patterns, its causes, its social, economic, health, cultural, artistic, and/or personal consequences or its implications for public policy. 

Candidates should be interested in and ideally have published research on at least one of the major topics being addressed by researchers in CPOP. These major topics include:


  • health, survival and quality of life among the oldest-old, including male-female differences and disparities among individuals and population groups;
  • health, survival, quality of life, educational attainment and labor-force participation of people above age 50, including male-female differences and disparities among individuals;
  • development of innovative demographic methods, especially related to the analysis of population aging, population change and health dynamics;
  • age-patterns of health, survival and fertility for humans over time and in comparison to species across the tree of life, including male-female differences and disparities among individuals.
  • use of population data and demographic methods to develop better strategies for protecting endangered species;
  • forecasting health and survival especially for Denmark but also for other countries, including male-female differences and disparities among individuals, based on the development of powerful new methods of forecasting;
  • analyzing the social, economic, health, cultural, artistic, and/or personal consequences of population change, and their policy implications.


Further information about the position can be obtained by contacting Center Director, Professor James W. Vaupel:
For further information about the university and about the Center please see and 

Application, salary, etc.


Appointment to the position will be in accordance with the salary agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations.


An application must include:


  • Detailed CV
  • Certificates/Diplomas (Master and PhD degree)
  • Teaching portfolio (please see below)
  • Complete list of publications, indicating which publications are most relevant for the position
  • Up to 5 of the most relevant publications. Please upload a pdf for each publication. If the publication has been co-authored, co-author statements must be a part of this pdf.
  • A research plan detailing the candidate’s idea and plans for her/his future research
All non-Danish documents must be translated into English.


Applicants applying for an associate professorship are requested to submit a teaching portfolio with the application as documentation for teaching experience as well as supervision qualifications. Formal application instructions and a guide for the teaching portfolio may be found here.


Applications that are incomplete with regard to the above requirements will not be assessed by the committee.


An assessment committee, appointed by the university, will evaluate applications. The committee may request additional information, and if so, it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the necessary material.


Shortlisting and tests may be used in the assessment process.


When the assessment committee has submitted its report, the applicant will receive the part of the evaluation that concerns him/her. The assessment report will subsequently be forwarded to the Center Director who will assemble an appointments committee. The appointments committee will manage and complete the job interviews, should such be conducted. Additionally, the appointments committee determines which candidate will be offered the position.

The University wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.


Applications must be submitted electronically using the link "Apply online". 
Uploaded files must be in Adobe PDF (unlocked) or Word format. Read the guideline for applicants.


Each field can only contain a single file of max. 10 Mb.

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