Professor in Comparative Politics
University of Tartu Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies

Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies


Duties and responsibilities
The Professor of Comparative Politics is expected to develop research and teaching in the specialization of comparative politics at the University of Tartu. Requirements for the position include conducting internationally recognized research in comparative politics with a focus on Europe, and teaching at multiple levels of higher education. The candidates are expected to demonstrate strong scientific competence on topics central to comparative politics including democracy, elections, electoral behavior, political parties, political institutions, political attitudes and political behavior. Additional expectations include competence in European Union institutions and politics as well as knowledge of Estonian and Baltic politics (or, more broadly, politics of Baltic Sea region countries).

The Professor is expected to develop and lead a research group, actively pursue international research funding to ensure the sustainability of the group, and participate in the work of international consortia and networks in the field. The Professor is expected to collaborate with research centers based at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, with other units of the University of Tartu, as well as partners and stakeholders in Estonia and abroad.

The Professor of Comparative Politics will teach multiple courses at the MA level, and, if necessary, also at the BA and doctoral level. The Professor will supervise students primarily at the MA and PhD level (at least four MA theses per year; defended PhD dissertations every five years). The Professor is expected to contribute to the development of the Institute’s curricula, including in the capacity of a Program Director, if necessary.


1) Research and development

  • directing R&D activities in the specialization of comparative politics, ensuring that necessary resources (such as research grants) are available for developing the specialization, assuming responsibility for research productivity in the field;
  • directing research themes or projects in comparative politics and supervising the related work of academic staff;
  • internationally recognized research in five years at least in the volume equivalent to that of two doctoral theses;
  • participation in research administrative activities internationally, including participation in collaborative networks, serving on the editorial panel of research publications or as a reviewer, work as an expert or evaluator, organizing international research conferences.

2) Teaching and activities related to the administration and development of teaching

  • teaching at all levels of higher education (including at least three courses at the MA level), using modern teaching methods and educational technology;
  • supervising students (primarily master’s and doctoral students);
  • supporting and training the next generation of academic staff in the field;
  • activities related to the administration and development of teaching.

3) Participation in university governance and institutional development, including participation in the work of academic and administrative decision-making bodies and performing at least one managerial task at the university.

4) Social and public activities, including popularisation of the specialisation; initiating projects with the aim of applying specialist knowledge for the benefit of the society; participating in the promotion and implementation of the specialisation at the national and international levels.

Required qualifications
PhD or equivalent qualification. Previous work experience as a Professor, Associate Professor, Research Professor or Senior Research Fellow or in equivalent positions in foreign countries.
Required experience
The candidate is expected to have published internationally recognized research in the field of comparative politics, the volume of which is equivalent to that of at least three doctoral theses, and have extensive experience in teaching comparative politics courses (including at the MA level), as well as supervising MA theses and doctoral dissertations in the field of comparative politics.
  • Ability to organize teaching and teach at all levels of higher education.
  • Previous teaching experience at least at the first two level of higher education, including effective supervising of master’s and doctoral students.
  • Experience in creating study and teaching resources for institutions of higher education.
  • Familiarity with modern teaching and learning methods, tools, technologies and environments; ability to use and develop these.
  • Ability to direct research and development activity in the specialization, lead a research group and supervise and academic staff.
  • Internationally recognized professional research, the volume of which is equivalent to that of at least three doctoral theses.
  • Ongoing active engagement in research: internationally recognized research in the last five years at least in the volume equivalent to that of one and half doctoral theses.
  • Success in applying for research funding and implementing research and development contracts in the last five years.
  • Participation in the work of the international community in the specialization, including participation in the work of professional associations or in international research and development projects, serving on the editorial panel of research publications or as a reviewer, work as an expert for national and foreign institutions.
  • Experience with leading teams and managing projects.
  • Participation in activities related to the promotion and implementation of the specialization at the national or international level.
Required language skills
Excellent command of English. Estonian is a plus but not required. According to the Language Act, academic staff with foreign citizenship working in Estonia must have acquired at least B1-level Estonian language skills after five years of work. The Centre for Professional Development offers foreigners and their family members the opportunity to participate in Estonian language courses.

Starting at
Monthly salary 3000-3500 euros (gross). Remuneration based on UT Salary Rules.
Additional info
Kristiina Tõnnisson, kristiina.tonnisson [ät]

Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies:

University of Tartu: kristiina.tonnisson [ät] (

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Application documents

In order to be considered for the position, the candidate must submit to the UT Human Resources Office (email: personal [ät]; postal address: 18 Ülikooli St, Tartu 50090 ESTONIA; employees of the UT should submit their documents via intranet) following documents:

  1. a letter of application to the Rector,
  2. a curriculum vitae in the established format,
  3. a list of research publications (if necessary, enclosing copies or offprints of more important publications),
  4. a copy of a document (including its annexes) which shows the candidate to hold the required qualification (with authorized translation into Estonian, English or Russian if the credential is not in Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, French, Italian, Ukrainian and Belarussian languages). A candidate can be required to submit the original or a certified copy of the document (including its annexes) showing the candidate to hold the required qualification. If the candidate has acquired the higher education in question abroad, he or she may be required to submit an assessment issued by the Academic Recognition Information Centre (the Estonian ENIC/NARIC) of his or her qualification in respect of the qualification requirements for the position;
  5. a statement not exceeding 1500 words describing the objectives to be achieved during the first five years of holding the position, and the outline of the action plan for achieving the objectives;
  6. other materials considered relevant by the candidate (a list of such materials must be included in the application or annexed to it).

Number of copies: 1

Application documents and notification of results

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