Professorship(s) with Special Responsibilities (wsr) at the Department of Political Science and Public Management
University of Southern Denmark Department of Political Science and Public Management

Professorship(s) with Special Responsibilities (wsr) at the Department of Political Science and Public Management



The Department of Political Science and Public Management, University of Southern Denmark invites applications for one or more professorship(s) with special responsibilities in public administration and International Relations as of November 1st, 2019 or as agreed. The position(s) is/are fixed-term appointments for five years with the possibility of renewal for additionally three years.


Successful applicants must be able and willing to take a leading role in realizing the department’s two overarching strategic objectives: to produce original ideas through high-quality and pioneering research; and to contribute to the resolution of major societal challenges via the exchange of knowledge with society, high-quality study programmes, and a broad engagement with societal actors as well as the wider public. The department values a diversity of competences and profiles, and thus applicants are expected to present a clear academic profile based on their merits and ambitions. By academic profile, the department understands the combined quality of research, teaching, and societal engagement. For more information about the department and its strategy, please visit the website.


The successful applicant(s) will be affiliated with the relevant section, either the Public Administration Section or the International Relation Section which is closely tied to the Centre of War Studies. The individual applicant is expected to outline how their academic profile and future research agenda fit or supplement the strategy and current activities in one of these units. For this reason, applicants are strongly encouraged to read more about the units on the web pages.


We put strong emphasis on high-quality research as well as innovative interactions between research, teaching, and societal engagement. Thus, applicants must outline a specific project or an academic agenda that should be completed during the wsr term (as part of the application). The project/agenda must include significant elements of either a) interdisciplinary research, b) pedagogical leadership, or c) interaction with non-academic stakeholders to solve societal problems. Please consult the department’s Scholarly Qualification Matrix for more information on these three focus criteria.


Apart from developing and realizing the special project/agenda, the successful applicant(s) is/are expected to:


    Conduct teaching, supervision, and administration within the relevant area of the department’s portfolio of study programs, including PhD programmes

    Conduct and publish research at the highest international level. We expect publications with the best university presses/general journals and/or publications in absolute top field journals in major subfields

    Take a leading role in shaping collaborative research projects and raising external research funding, including PhD and postdoc funding

    Perform a number of research-related tasks such as engaging in knowledge exchange with society, conducting research management including supervision of assistant professors, postdocs and PhD students, participating in academic assessment committees, and undertaking various administrative tasks




For applicants to qualify for the positions, they must be able to document that they have:


    An internationally recognized research profile within the relevant field. This includes frequent publication in international journals and/or with university presses

    Good track record of acquiring individual and/or collective external research grants

    Experience with leading/coordinating roles in professional national and international networks

    Ample experience and good results with teaching at all levels. This includes a proven ability to develop courses and teaching formats and a contribution that goes beyond individual courses

    Proven ability to engage with stakeholders outside the university

    Evidence of active contributions to administrative tasks and active mentorship for junior colleagues




Furthermore, the department expects successful candidates to support the realization of the department’s strategic goal of creating synergy between relevance and quality. The strategy has a strong emphasis on high-quality research as well as innovative interactions between research, teaching, and societal engagement. Thus, applicants must meet minimum at least one of the following focus criteria:


    Cross-disciplinary research: Documented ability to establish cross-disciplinary networks and define cross-disciplinary research projects at the faculty level

    Pedagogical innovation: Solid experience and good results with study programme management and development

    Societal relevance: Evidence – e.g. by means of an impact case – of how own research has had non-academic impact and, thus, helped solve or elucidate societal problems




Applicants must describe not only their acquired merits but also the relationship to the particular project/agenda of the wsr professorship. Applicants should be able to describe the credibility of their future project/agenda, including their emerging leadership role in academia.




For a more detailed description of the qualification criteria, please consult the department’s Scholarly Qualification Matrix.


It is important that applicants have good interpersonal skills and are dedicated to taking part in the everyday professional and social environment at the department. Such engagement can be documented by e.g. past engagement in social and professional activities. Within a three-year period, applicants with no current Danish skills must master the language at a level which enables them to read Danish exam papers and administrative documents (free language courses will be offered).


The department believes in fostering a stimulating and inspiring environment for both staff members and students. The department’s ambition is, therefore, to recruit, develop, and retain talented scholars committed to both academic excellence and departmental development. Furthermore, the department aims to employ staff that reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.




For further information, please contact Head of Department Christian Elmelund-Præstekær




Application, salary, etc.


Appointment to the position will be in accordance with the salary agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations.




An application must include:


    Detailed CV, including the required documentation of experience with research management or other management and possible periods of leave

    An elaborated description of a specific project or agenda to be conducted during the professor wsr term, see the above description (max 3 pages)

    An elaborated research and publication plan (max 3 pages) for the next five years that describes:

        the potential to advance the field (both empirically and theoretically)

        relation to ongoing activities in the relevant section of the department (and beyond, if relevant)

        planned national and international collaborations

    Certificates/Diplomas (Master and PhD degree)

    Teaching portfolio (please see below)

    Complete list of publications, indicating which publications are most relevant for the position

    Up to 7 of the best and most relevant publications. Please upload a pdf for each publication. If the publication has been co-authored, co-author statements describing own contribution and role MUST be a part of this pdf file. Click here for an example of such a document.




All non-Danish documents must be translated into English.




Applicants applying for a professorship are requested to submit a teaching portfolio with the application as documentation for teaching experience, supervision qualifications, and pedagogical principles. Formal application instructions and a teaching portfolio guide is found here.




Shortlisting and tests may be used in the assessment process.


Applicants’ qualifications will be assessed by an assessment committee. The committee may request additional information, and if so, it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the necessary material. When the assessment committee has submitted its report, applicants will receive the part of the assessment that concerns themselves. The assessment report will subsequently be forwarded to the Head of Department who will form an appointment committee. The appointment committee will manage and complete a series of job interviews with especially promising applicants.


Based on information from the entire recruitment process the Head of Department determines which applicants will be offered a position.




Applications must be submitted electronically no later than May 27th, 2019 using the link below. Uploaded files must be in Adobe PDF (unlocked) or Word format.


Read the guideline for applicants.


Each field can only contain a single file of max. 10 Mb.

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