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Fellow in social work at the Department of Social Work


At the Department of Social Work has a vacant temporary position as a research fellow in social work connected to the research group "Action Research in Social Work" for a period of four years, duties equivalent of one full-time positions. This is an educational position that will provide promising research recruits the opportunity for professional development in the form of a doctoral degree. The position is related to the PhD program at the Faculty of social and educational science (SU) and the faculty as an employer.


Department of Social Work (ISA) has around 60 employees and about 700 students. Research has a broad research portfolio aimed at child, diversity and inclusion as well as knowledge in practice. The institute offers two Bachelor programs, three master's degree programs, continuing education and training as well as PhD programs in the areas of social work (social worker), child protection (child welfare) and disability studies. ISA represents one of the largest research groups in Norway within the social work field and in disability. The Institute's website: https://www.ntnu.no/isa . The department is currently located at Dragvoll and Tunga.




Wanted a fellow who can contribute to the development of knowledge in social work theory and practice. The successful candidate must complete his PhD project related to the follow-up of young adults with complex issues in a fragmented support system. Focus can be various factors affecting social work, for example. Conditions for social work, marginalization, users' needs and involvement, competence, cooperation etc. The candidate is relatively free to design a PhD project within social work in follow-up of young adults with complex problems.


In addition to carrying out his PhD project is expected the successful candidate to actively participate in academic activities in research and must be expected to participate in the Institute's educational and administrative activities.




Appointments are made in accordance with applicable regulations concerning conditions of employment as postdoctoral fellow, research assistant and specialist candidate of 31.01.06. http://www.lovdata.no/dokument/SF/forskrift/2006-01-31-102 .


Eligibility requirements are completed postgraduate / master's degree in relevant social science / health and social / humanities. Applicants with education in social work or child care will be prioritized. The applicant must have a strong academic record from their previous studies, and have a weighted average grade of the last two years of master's or equivalent degree (equivalent to 120 credits) equal to B or higher with NTNU's grading. Applicants without letter grades from previous studies to have an equally good academic foundation. Applicants with lesser character background will be admitted if it is documented that the candidate is specifically suited to a PhD program. It is expected that the person has a good knowledge both orally and in writing in Norwegian / Scandinavian and English. Personal qualities such as fitness, flexibility and stamina to complete a PhD project, and the motivation to contribute to a good working environment will be strongly emphasized.


Wages and working conditions


Fellow, code 1017 is remunerated by salary grade 50 in the national salary, with a minimum annual salary gross NOK. 432,300 per. year. Of which 2% contribution to the State Pension Fund.


Please refer to the NTNU's supplementary provisions of 23.01.12 for appointment as a research fellow. http://www.lovdata.no/for/sf/kd/xd-20090617-0959.html  


The appointment is made on the terms that apply at any time for public servants, and the appointee, must accept any changes in the workspace.


There is an assumption that the appointee, settles so he / she can be present at and available to the institution.


A good working environment is characterized by diversity. We encourage qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, disability or cultural background. NTNU is an IA business.


We offer

  • exciting academic environment with opportunity for skills development
  • an open, inclusive working
  • favorable gym membership and access to company sports
  • favorable conditions in the state pension fund




Applying for a scholarship is contingent upon admission to the PhD program in social work. For information about the PhD program see http://www.ntnu.no/studier/phsarb . You apply for admission to the PhD program after you have started the research fellowship.


The application must be accompanied by a description of the planned research work of about 5.4 pages. The project description will form the basis for consideration of admission to the PhD education at the faculty.


Together with the application please enclose

  • CV, certificates and diplomas
  • scientific work


It will be taken into account in joint work. If it is difficult to identify the individual applicant's efforts must be accompanied by a brief description of the role.


In accordance with new public information about the applicant be made public even though the applicant has requested not to be listed on the list of applicants.


For further information about the position obtained by contacting the Department of Social Work at Anne Moe, phone 73559426 / email anne.moe@ntnu.no


Information about the application process can be obtained from the HR section, at Aaste Line Strand, e-mail: aaste.l.strand@ntnu.no .


The application with attachments must be submitted electronically via www.jobbnorge.no. Attachments that can not be sent electronically transmitted NTNU, Faculty of social and educational science, 7491 Trondheim, and marked with SU- 45.


Deadline: June 20th, 2017.

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