Phd Student In The Research Project Global Analysis Of Poverty And Living Conditions In Low And Middle Income Countries University of Gothenburg, Department of Sociology and Work Science Sweden

PhD student in the research project "Global Analysis of Poverty and Living Conditions in Low and Middle Income Countries" in Sociology


The Department of Sociology and Occupational Science at Gothenburg University currently employs about 100 employees teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff. At the department, research, education and collaboration are conducted within a number of areas. For more information about the institution and research directions, see our website


The PhD student placement is announced in the research project "A Global Analysis of Poverty and Living Conditions in Low and Middle Income Countries". The purpose of the research project is to explain the variation in living conditions between individuals and households within and between low and middle income countries. The unique contribution of the project is that it will integrate data on countries' economic development, political institutions, political management, policy decisions and legislation with standardized large-scale surveys of geographically located households. Surveys are from two programs: Demographic Health Surveys and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys. The employment offers good opportunities for conducting unique and potentially world-leading research in the border between development studies, sociology and social epidemiology.


The research project is a collaboration between the Department of Sociology and Occupational Science at the University of Gothenburg, the School of Policy Studies, the University of Bristol and the WORLD Policy Center at the Fielding School of Public Health, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, which means that the student will receive a Unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the leading researchers in the field.



The goal of the PhD student is that the student will develop the skills and skills required to independently conduct research in sociology or work science and contribute to the development of knowledge in the research project through the preparation of a scientific dissertation in the field. The PhD student's appointment also aims at the PhD student developing the ability to translate achieved scientific skills and knowledge into continued research work or in other qualified professional work.



Access to education at the postgraduate level requires both basic and special qualifications. Basic eligibility for education at the postgraduate level has as follows : 

1. A graduate degree at advanced level, or 
2. Completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits, or 
3. Otherwise within or outside the country acquired equivalent knowledge. 

Special eligibility for education at the postgraduate level has the one who has (Higher Education Ordinance 7kap 40 §): passed a degree at advanced level in sociology or occupational science or an advanced level diploma, including a degree project with a focus on sociology. Special qualifications also have the person who acquired in a different order within or outside the country, essentially equivalent knowledge.


Basis of assessment

Selection among applicants who meet basic and specific qualifications is based on the ability to apply for education at the postgraduate level.


We are looking for a PhD student with knowledge of / interest in quantitative methodology. As a basis for the selection, the applicant must attach the following: 1) Essays, thesis work and other relevant work assessed on the basis of the applicant's ability to formulate, delineate and analyze research data as well as present research results. 2) A project outline in which the applicant indicates research interest and how this relates to the project. The project sketch should show familiarity with previous and current research as well as the ability to formulate scientific problems. Max 2000 words. 3) Interviews and referral may be included as part of the selection process.



The employment is limited to 4 years full-time. The work is carried out full-time unless special reasons exist for a lower rate of study, but at least 50%. The employment may include institutional employment with up to 20% of full-time distributed throughout the entire study period. In the event of institutional employment, the employment is extended with the corresponding time.


The position is located at the Department of Sociology and Work Science.


Access by agreement.


Provisions for employment as a PhD student are contained in the SFS 1998: 80 regulation. As a holder, only the person who is admitted to postgraduate education may be assigned to the holder. In addition to the obligation to engage in own postgraduate education, the holder may be required to perform duties relating to education, research and administrative work in accordance with special provisions of the Regulation.


A new appointment as a PhD student is valid for a maximum of one year. The employment may be renewed for no more than two years at a time. However, the total length of employment may not exceed four years of full-time postgraduate education.


The university applies a local agreement on the salary of PhD students.


Contact information for the employment

Adel Daoud, Associate Professor 

Linda Soneryd, Research Director for Education at Research 

Anna Karin Wiberg, Human Resources 
Officer 031-786 



Trade union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here:



You apply to be admitted to postgraduate studies via the Göteborg University recruitment portal by clicking on the "Apply" button. You as applicant are responsible for the application being complete in accordance with the advertisement and that it is available to the university by the latest application date.


The application must be received by 2017-09-07 


The University works actively for a work environment with equal conditions and values the quality of diversity that adds to the business.


The university applies a local agreement on the salary of PhD students.


According to the National Archives Act, the University is required to keep application documents for two years after the appointment decision. If you, as an applicant for an employment, in particular request your actions, they will be returned when the two years have elapsed, otherwise they will be deleted.

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