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University LECTURER in Sociology


The Department of Sociology and Work Sciences today employs more than 100 employees of teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff. At the department, research, teaching and collaboration are conducted within a number of areas. Here are research on the labor market, working life, welfare issues, social movements, sustainable development, environmental policy, law sociology, crime and social control. Education is offered in a number of areas such as sociology, work science, human resources, criminology and human resource management. The department also has a comprehensive commitment to several of the Gothenburg University education programs, not least in teacher education.





Subject Description

Sociology seeks to understand and explain different societal relationships and how these affect people's lives. Central are studies of social relations and social processes, ranging from global relations and historical societal changes to people's day-to-day meeting. Sociologists at this institution are interested in issues such as work, occupation, leisure and private life, the welfare state, social movements, education, crime, mass media, the environment, technology use, etc. Sociological analyzes often give insight into what we have taken for granted.



The employment involves tasks within the framework of traditional subject-specific sociology areas such as theory, methodology and application, including research and teaching at the Department of Sociology and Work Sciences. The holder shall be prepared to undertake teaching in all areas of sociology. The teaching is taught at the undergraduate and advanced level, but teaching at the research level may occur. A large part of the teaching within this employment will be in courses focusing on quantitative methodology. The employment involves participation in the institution's internal work and educational development, fulfilling the administrative duties of a teacher's appointment, and being able to participate in and perform various management assignments.



The eligibility for employment as a teacher is stated in Chapter 4, sections 3 - 4 of the Higher Education Ordinance and the University of Gothenburg's own employment scheme. Applicants are also invited to take part in the Faculty of Social Sciences's application of the above employment plan. This is available on the faculty website Qualifying for the employment is the one who has obtained a doctorate in sociology or has equivalent scientific competence, has undergone college education or has equivalent competence and demonstrated educational skills. Ability to teach Swedish and English is a requirement. Applicants who do not meet the requirement for university education can initially be offered a fixed-term employment (1 + 1 year) until the eligibility requirement has been met.


Basis of assessment

Assessment criteria for employment as a teacher are listed in Chapters 3 to 4 of the University Regulations and the University of Gothenburg's own employment scheme. In addition, equal emphasis must be placed on scientific and educational skills. In assessing the scientific skill, particular attention will be paid to recent research and the ability to independently initiate and conduct research in relevant areas for this employment. Current publication in international journals is meritful as well as having received external funds. Experience and skill in academic education in the subject must be well documented and certified. Examination of teaching skills should concern the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, as well as supervision, examination, Price development and course responsibility in areas relevant to the employment. The writing of teaching materials is meritorious. Weight will also be attached to administrative skills as well as ability to interact with the surrounding community and to inform about research and development work. Assessment should also take into account the ability to cooperate.



The employment is a permanent employment, full-time, placed at the Department of Sociology and Work Science. Access by agreement. Proposals may apply. At the University of Gothenburg, individual wages are applied.


Appointment Procedure

Applications received are first assessed by external experts who suggest a tight group of applicants. In the recruitment process, there may be lectures / exercises, interviews and referencing. In the interviews, applicants are given the opportunity to describe and develop their own views on the subject as well as on their possible. Future role of the institution.


Contact information for the employment

Information about the appointment is given to Jan Carle, Head of Department, tel. +46 31 786 4792, 
Questions regarding the appointment process  can be directed to staff manager Anna Karin Wiberg, tel. +46 31 786 4761,



Trade union representatives at the University of Gothenburg can be found here:



You are looking for employment through the Göteborg University recruitment portal by clicking on the "Apply" button. You as applicant are responsible for the application being complete in accordance with the advertisement and that it is available to the university by the latest application date. The publications that can not be attached to the application digitally must, in duplicate, be sent to: Institute for Sociology and Work Science, Anna Karin Wiberg, Box 720, 405 30 Göteborg, and shall be received by the last application deadline. Do not forget to enter the reference / diary number PAR 2017/658 on the shipment.


We would like your application to be written in English as it may be reviewed by international experts with English as working language.


The application must be received by : 2017-08-31


The University works actively for a work environment with equal conditions and values the quality of diversity that adds to the business.


The University applies individual payroll.


According to the National Archives Act, the University is required to keep application documents for two years after the appointment decision. If you, as an applicant for an employment, in particular request your actions, they will be returned when the two years have elapsed, otherwise they will be deleted.

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