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Professor in Educational Leadership


In order to strengthen research on leadership and organization in the education sector, a professorship with a location at the Center for School Leadership Development is announced at the Department of Political Science.
Educational leadership means describing, analyzing, explaining and understanding how executives and leaders design, lead and manage structures, cultures, functions and processes within organizations whose mission is to teach individuals and socialize to social citizens. In this context, focuses on how managers and leaders assessments and priorities based on social, political and ideological conditions and endeavors affect and govern this leadership.

Educational leadership is an interdisciplinary social science subject area and we are looking for a candidate who has been teaching in pedagogy, political science, sociology, educational work or possessing equivalent skills.
Access from 2018-07-01 or by agreement.

Work and conditions The

professor will lead the research on leadership and development in educational organizations in such a way that the research environment at the Center is strengthened. This should be done by conducting research as well as teaching and supervising at advanced level. The work also includes informing about research and development work, initiating and participating in planning research projects, and actively working on developing our research environment. This work includes actively seeking and contributing to external research funding. The professor is also expected to actively support younger researchers in the Center in their research careers. One goal of the research effort is to establish a postgraduate education in education leadership within a three-year period.

Since a large part of the business consists of assignment training, the professor is also expected to actively work for that business to maintain high quality. This means working with external actors such as authorities, other institutions of higher education and principals and school leaders as well as working on developing content and working methods in the courses that are conducted and also participating in teaching subjects.

The duties may also include administration and management duties at the Center for School Leadership Development. The place of employment is Umeå and active participation in the unit's various activities is expected. The employment also involves responsibility for cooperation with the institution's other research profiles.


For the purpose of employment, scientific and pedagogical skills are required that are important for the purpose of employment, education management.

Assessment Basis

As a basis for assessment in the employment of a professor, the degree of proficiency that is a requirement for eligibility for employment shall apply. In addition, as an assessment basis, administrative skills and cooperation are applicable.

Scientific proficiency refers to independent research efforts, the ability to obtain research funds in competition with other researchers, the ability to plan and lead scientific activities, documented national and international research collaboration, publication and the ability to communicate research with the surrounding community. Skill is also shown through successful participation and leadership in research projects.

Educational skills refers to the teacher's work with both student and adult vocational students in eg. the principal's program, the teacher's own pedagogical development and the teacher's contribution to the educational development of the business. This also includes participation in postgraduate education, such as doctoral supervision and participation in the design and implementation of courses and seminars.

Administrative skills means ability to develop and manage activities and staff, ability to interact with the surrounding community, and to inform about research and development work. Collaborative skills include formulating, planning and leading and participating in projects that include several people, as well as participation in both research and other institutional activities.

Balance between the assessment bases When weighing the different assessment bases, scientific competence and the applicant's research profile are in the field of the professorship is attributed to the greatest importance. Great emphasis should also be placed on educational skills. In addition, the degree of skill to develop and lead activities and staff, ability to interact with the surrounding community, and to inform about research and development work will apply.

Research on leadership and organization in the curriculum-based school forms is particularly meritorious.
When assessing the pedagogical skills, consideration will be given to planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, as well as of supervision and supervision.

When assessing administrative skills, emphasis is placed on the skills to lead and develop activities and staff, experience of trust assignments at institutional, faculty or university level, etc., as well as through widely well-documented ability to collaborate both nationally and internationally. Great emphasis is placed on collaborative ability, initiative and commitment to the business, and especially great importance in writing and speaking good Swedish and English.

Eligibility and assessment grounds are found in the Employment Regulations for Teachers at Umeå University, here .


All documents must be submitted before the application deadline. Instructions for what the application should contain are in the Employee Scheme for Teachers at Umeå University, here .

How to apply for the application is given in the Faculty of Social Sciences's instructions here . See also the Faculty's guidelines for appraisal of professor applications here .

In the recruitment process, interviewing, trial lectures and referral may be relevant.

The Center for School Leadership Development is a unit at the Department of Political Science

The Center for School Leadership Development is a multidisciplinary unit that is located at the Department of Political Science. The operations at the Center are more than 95% externally funded. Mainly through the state rector program and various state competence development missions as well as research grants. At the Center today is a senior professor, 3 lecturers and 8 university lecturers active.

Further information about the activities carried out at the institution can be found on our website at .

Type of employment


Monthly Salary

Prefect Magnus Blomgren

Tel:, 090-786 61 71

Senior Professor Olof Johansson

Tel:, 090-786 78 12

Union contacts
Tel: 090-786 53 65

Tel: 090-786 54 31

Tel: 090-786 52 96

2018-07-01 or by agreement

Reference number
AN 2.2.1-1185-17

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