1-2 doctoral (PhD) studentship positions in Political Science (CeCAR) University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science Sweden

1-2 doctoral (PhD) studentship positions in Political Science (CeCAR)


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PAR 2017/1536
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Time limited employment (temporary)
Department of Political Science
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The Department of Political Science is an open research environment that encourages involvement in broader societal debates. Research areas of specialisation include elections, democracy, corruption, governance, globalisation, environmental politics and European Studies. The Department hosts research programmes such as the QoG Institute, Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), Centre for Collective Action Research (CeCAR), Governance and Local Development (GLD) and the Swedish National Election Studies Programme. We offer several degree programmes at undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral (PhD) level, as well as single-subject courses. Education is provided in both Swedish and English. We have a total of 1 300 students and a staff of about 140. The Department is centrally located in the city of Gothenburg.


For more information about the Department, see www.pol.gu.se


The Department of Political science is currently looking for qualified and motivated individuals for 1-2 doctoral studentship positions (PhD students) in Political Science associated with the Centre for Collective Action Research (CeCAR).


Job Assignments


The position(s) are funded by the interdisciplinary Centre for Collective Action Research (CeCAR), which is one of six UGOT challenges centres of excellence, founded by the Vice-Chancellor. CeCAR is hosted by Department of Political Science and headed by Professor Sverker C. Jagers. A description of the research programme can be found at http://cecar.gu.se The objective of CeCAR is to conduct theoretical, empirical and interdisciplinary research aimed to further our understanding of the conditions under which successful coordinated or uncoordinated large scale collective action occurs. Examples of large scale collective action dilemmas are overfishing, biodiversity loss, climate change, and overuse of antibiotics.


We will admit and fund 1-2 well-qualified and highly motivated doctoral (PhD) students to work on issues covered by this programme. In addition from being well-anchored in Political Science and interested in working with environmental issues, we are particularly interested in candidates who have a record of accomplishments in one or more of the following areas:

(1) Collective action theory


(2) Transboundary governance of natural resources such as fugitive wildlife


(3) Public opinion, social and political psychology and behavioural economics (e.g., how actors’ values, beliefs, norms, personality and trust affect prospects for cooperative behaviour and compliance).


(4) Quantitative research methods (primarily experiments but also survey methodology, multi-level analyses, structural equation modelling or related methods).


The admitted doctoral (PhD) student(s) are thus supposed to write their doctoral theses within the CeCAR programme, and to actively participate in the programme’s activities. The working language within the centre is English.Apart from salary, CeCAR offers good opportunities for data collection, conference participation and international networking.


The aim of the doctoral (PhD) programme is for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to conduct research autonomously within political science and to contribute to the development of knowledge within the discipline with a doctoral thesis. In addition, good opportunities for inter-disciplinary collaborations are provided. Another aim is for doctoral students to develop an ability to later apply the acquired knowledge and skills within post-degree research or other professional work.


Admission to the doctoral programme at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, comes with a 4-year salaried position on a fulltime, residential basis, with the possibility of extension for a fifth year if the student completes a minimum of 20 percent teaching/other duties during the first four years. Doctoral (PhD) students are provided with office space, computer, and office phone and access to all standard services in the department. 



To be eligible for the position, the applicant must meet both general and specific entry requirements.


An applicant meets the general entry requirements for doctoral (PhD) studies if he/she has obtained (Higher Education Ordinance Ch.7, Sec.39):

  1. a degree at the advanced level (MA level, or equivalent),

  2. at least 240 higher education (university) credits, of which at least 60 must be at the second-cycle level, or

  3. largely equivalent knowledge acquired in other ways in Sweden or abroad.

In Sweden, 240 university credits equal four years of successfully completed full-time studies.


According to the Higher Education Ordinance Ch.7, Sec.40, an applicant meets the specific entry requirements for doctoral (PhD) studies if he/she has obtained at least 60 higher education credits (one year of full-time studies) in Political Science or has equivalent qualifications.


Applicants who have acquired largely equivalent knowledge in Sweden or abroad will also be considered to meet the specific entry requirements.


Finally, although not a formal requirement, we encourage successful applicants to acquire sufficient competency in the Swedish language to be able to actively participate in seminars and other activities at the Department, within a two-year period.

Assessment of applicants


According to the Higher Education Ordinance Ch.7, applicants will be assessed based on their estimated ability to benefit from the study programmes and on the Department’s supervisory resources. We will base this assessment primarily on the following:


1. Relevant work, which will be assessed in terms of ability to formulate, delimit and analyse research tasks and present research results.


2. A draft of the intended research project stating the applicant’s research interest(s) and planned focus area of his/her doctoral thesis. In addition, the project draft must demonstrate familiarity with previous and current research as well as an ability to formulate scientific problems. Maximum 2.500 words (approximately 6 pages).


3. Academic transcripts.


4. Previous merits.


5. Letters of recommendations.


6. The selection process may include interviews.


Admission to doctoral (PhD) studies may also be granted within a framework where the University of Gothenburg does not serve as employer (external position, so-called samverkansdoktorand). The assessment process for these applicants is the same as for other applicants. A special agreement will be developed in these cases.


The Head of Department is in charge of all admission decisions at doctoral level (PhD). The final admission decision will be announced during April. Decisions cannot be appealed.

Application procedure


Please register your application electronically under ‘Apply online’. In order for the application to be considered complete it must include:


1) An introductory letter of 1.000 words maximum (approx. 2 pages), preferably shorter. The letter should consist of four paragraphs in the following order: a) a short presentation of yourself. b) a short presentation of your merits, c) a short presentation of the intended research project and d) a short account for why the Department of Political Science and/or the doctoral studies programme is of interest to you.


2) CV including a list of publications (if applicable).


3) One writing sample. Normally, this would be a master’s thesis, but it could also be a revised version of the thesis, or another paper, article or book chapter, or equivalent work. The texts must be submitted in Swedish or English. Any translated versions must be accompanied by the original text and translated in their entirety.


4) A description of the intended research project indicating the applicant’s research interests and planned focus area of his/her thesis and research. The project description must demonstrate familiarity with previous and current research as well as an ability to formulate scientific problems. 2.500 words maximum (approx. 6 pages) including abstract, excluding bibliography. Further directions for the description can be found here.


5) Verified copies of academic transcripts and evidence of other relevant qualifications, if applicable.


6) Two letters of recommendation (N.B. the letters of recommendation must be both signed and sent directly to the Department by the letter writers). Instructions regarding the form and content of the recommendation letters can be found here.


It is for the applicant to make sure that the application is complete. No changes/additions are allowed after the last date of application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


All electronic documents must be submitted in PDF format.


Scholarly publications etc. that are not available electronically, and letters of recommendation shall be submitted to (write reference number PAR 2017/1536 on the documents):


University of Gothenburg
Department of Political Science 
Att. Lena Caspers 
PO Box 721 
405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden


Closing date 2018-02-06



Type of employment: Fixed term, 4 years 

Extent: 100% 

Location: Department of Political Science, Gothenburg 

First Day of Employment: 2018-09-01


Salaries for doctoral students are regulated in a local agreement at the University.


For further information please contact:

Carl Dahlström, Director of Graduate Studies 
Tel.: +4631-786 5995 
E-mail: carl.dahlstrom@pol.gu.se


Lena Caspers, Research Administrator 
Tel.: +4631-786 2792 
E-mail: lena.caspers@gu.se


Announcement of further PhD positions at the Department:


In addition to these doctoral positions, the Department also offers 1-3 general doctoral (PhD) positions, 1 doctoral (PhD) position associated with the Gothenburg Research Program on Pregnancy and Politics, and 1-2 doctoral (PhD) positions associated with GLD (The Program on Governance and Local Development). For more information, please visit our homepage (www.pol.gu.se).


Labour union



The University of Gothenburg promotes equal opportunities, equality and diversity.


Applications will be destroyed or returned (upon request) two years after the decision of employment has become final. Applications from the employed and from those who appeal the decision will not be returned.

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