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Associate Professor in Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Political Science SU-197


At the Department of Sociology and Political Science there is a vacant position as associate professor of sociologist. The subject area of the post is general sociology, but the research and teaching background of the person employed in the post must be linked to the department's strategic areas of focus in sociology.


The Department of Sociology and Political Science (ISS) conducts research, teaching and dissemination in sociology, political sciences, sports science and media studies. The department has about 80 employees, divided into 73 full-time equivalents and 11 study programs. ISS is a strong discipline with emphasis on sociology and political science, which contributes to interdisciplinary study programs and in interdisciplinary research at NTNU. Academic disciplines also characterize the Institute's profile of sports science and media science.


Our research and education will help identify and meet key societal challenges. The institute will develop and disseminate knowledge required to solve challenges facing Norway and the world community. Our education programs will provide competence that will make our candidates attractive in the labor market and to key contributors in community development. The research should be at a high level, and contribute to public debate and professional development. For more information see:



  • Responsibility for teaching and research in sociology
  • conduct teaching according to the current curriculum
  • work on further development of the subject area and teaching programs
  • contribute to current continuing education programs
  • conduct research within their own field of study and special interest
  • participate in one or more of the department's relevant research groups
  • conducting examinations
  • take responsibility for administrative tasks
  • safeguard the department's academic responsibility with the other staff of the unit
  • guide bachelor, master and doctoral students in their field of study
  • conduct research-based dissemination
  • represent the own and the institute's discipline in interdisciplinary research work locally, nationally and internationally
  • participate in the department's academic work 


The employee must be able to teach general sociology and relevant subjects in sociology related to his own specialization at all levels.


The associate professor must comply with the decisions regarding changes that the development of the subject entails, as well as organizational changes.



The position requires scientific competence at the minimum doctoral level in sociology or corresponding relevant discipline. Particular emphasis will be placed on the candidate's future research potential and that these are in line with the Institute's strategic initiatives. Originality and quality of scientific publication over the past five years, excluding parental leave, will be emphasized. There is emphasis on Norwegian / Scandinavian and international publications. Will and ability to work creatively in sociology and in collaboration with other disciplines will count positively. Emphasis will be placed on the candidate's will and potential in national and international research cooperation.


Educational basic competence is required. Anyone employed without having formal education qualifications and can not document equivalent qualifications is required to undergo an approved course within two years of employment. Uniped v / NTNU offers qualifying courses. Emphasis will be placed on pedagogical skills.


Applicants must be able to show progress in research and publishing, and must be able to present future research and publishing plans. The person employed in the position must also be able to demonstrate the ability and willingness to contribute to the long-term development of the department's research. It will be emphasized that the applicant can associate his research plans and interests with research (persons and areas) where the institute has ongoing activities and development opportunities.


Emphasis is placed on the candidate's documented teaching and guidance experience.


Personal qualities such as independence, solution orientation, willingness to cooperate, creativity and motivation to contribute to a good academic and social environment will be given great importance.


After the application deadline, a list of applicants will be prepared. The best qualified will be placed on a short list and thoroughly assessed by an external professional committee. The top candidates from this assessment will be invited for educational testing at a trial lecture and interview.


Wages and working conditions

Associate Code 1011 is paid with minimum annual salary kr. 485 700. The person who is added will normally be paid from kr. 485 700 to kr. 719 600 depending on qualifications. From this, 2% of statutory deposits are deducted from the Government Pension Fund.


The employment is made under the terms that apply to state employees at any time, and the employee must find any changes in the work area.


It is a prerequisite that the employee is settled so that he or she may be present at and available to the institution.


The total employment obligation will be divided into the fields of research, teaching and administration. The distribution within the different fields will vary at any given time, but over time it is estimated to be approximately equal to time for research and teaching.


If the employee is foreign language, it is assumed that within three years he or she can demonstrate knowledge in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language, in line with step three in the course "Norwegian for Foreign Languages" at the Department of Language and Literature. NTNU offers such a course.


We offer:

  • exciting academic environment in continuous development
  • a good working environment
  • favorable membership at the fitness center and access to good corporate sports teams
  • opportunities for highly competitive loans in the Government Pension Fund
  • pension agreement in the Government Pension Fund



Applicants must submit the following in Job Opportunities within the application deadline:

  • 5 scientific work the candidate considers as his most significant sociological contribution.
  • A brief description of these work and their contribution to the subject of general sociology.
  • A complete publication list.


Joint work will be taken into account. If in joint work it is difficult to identify the efforts of the applicant, the applicant must provide a brief account of his involvement.


A good working environment is characterized by diversity. We encourage qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, functional ability or cultural background. NTNU is an IA business.


According to the Public Procurement Act, information about the applicant may be published even if the applicant has requested not to be listed on the applicant list.


Further information about the position can be obtained by contacting the head of department Toril Aalberg, e-mail .


Information about the application process can be obtained from the HR section, by Sissel Sæther, e-mail .


The application with attachments must be sent electronically via this page, SU-197. Relevant certificates and diplomas must be submitted electronically.


Application deadline 15.08.2018

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